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Here’s the next step to make your city a place of flourishing for women and girls. Whether you are a man or woman, girl or boy, YOU are critical in causing God-authored disruption in your city to break the cycles of injustice, discrimination and violence.

Ask God how you can be involved and come prepared to get equipped for our next virtual get-together on Tuesday, 26th October at 6 pm IST.

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The Disruptive Women India chapter was launched on 10th September, 2021.

India is one of the most dangerous places in the world for women and girls as per the UN reports. The word ‘disruptive’ in general means to cause trouble or stop something from happening in the usual way. But disruption can also mean challenging the status quo – the way things are or are done.

The GOSPEL has the power to disrupt the status quo of women and girls, to restore to them their God-given dignity and worth.


Disruptive Women India hopes to be a movement facilitating God-authored disruption in our cities to enable women and girls to flourish.


The National Core Team comprises women from most of the key cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kochi.

As the Disruptive Women India movement continues to grow, the decadal plan is to begin City Chapters of Disruptive Women across these various cities.

And in keeping with the spirit of the movement the Disruptive Women India"s city teams will be a cluster of women and men, as well as next-generation girls and boys. This is going to be about collective responsibility to ensure Gospel transformation in our cities for women and girls to flourish.

Objectives of the Initiative

Launch Event


590 Participants Attended The Launch Event!

The launch event was attended by 590 participants, and the focus of the event was on Mental Health in India as September 10th was also World Suicide Prevention Day. Mental health professionals Jamila Koshy, Ajitha Anand, Shilpa Waghmare, and Sushmita Philipose led the breakout rooms on Emotional Health, Dealing with Anxiety, Suicide Prevention, and Dealing with Loneliness.


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